Holiday Greeting from SEMJA President

We are all aware that we are living through hard times in Michigan, the U.S., and the world today. We hope that you, our members and readers, are safe at home and prepping to re-enter the jazz world once the pandemic eases its grip some time next year. It will be a different world than the one we had nine months ago and we hope and pray that many of our musicians and jazz venues in Southeast Michigan will be around.

Through this newsletter we have attempted to keep you informed of what the state of the local jazz community has been during this prolonged crisis. While the number of live performances has dwindled, many area musicians have been active recording their music on CDs or via live video. We hope that you appreciate our efforts to keep you informed and ask you to maintain your memberships and make any extra donations to SEMJA if you can afford to do so.

Please be safe, keep the faith and we will survive this crisis.

Keep swinging,

Lars Bjorn