The Corona / Covid-19 Blues

As we are all aware by now, the pandemic does not seem to be letting up on us in Michigan or anywhere else in the country.

On December 7 Governor Whitmer extended restrictions (until at least December 20) on indoor dining — restrictions which have negatively impacted restaurants and bars in Michigan. This means that very few establishments that offer jazz remain open. The immediate future looks bleak and might remain so until vaccinations have an impact some time this spring or summer.

Our events calendar is sparse and tentative, so if you venture out please take a look in online calendars before stepping out. Fortunately, many venues have put resources in beefing up their digital presence. The Blue LLama, Kerrytown Concert House and University Musical Society in Ann Arbor and the Dirty Dog and Orchestra Hall in Detroit are some of the relatively lucky ones, and we hope and pray that the less fortunate venues will survive this rolling disaster. The end result for musicians who rely on live music has been very difficult, however, so when you consume their art online over the holidays please be as generous as possible with your donations.