SEMJA Facebook Page

With members’ help, we will be reenergizing the SEMJA Facebook page. Among other entries we’ll post, we invite you to submit music video clips, such as on YouTube, that have a personal impact on you. Include a caption explaining why you chose this video, and post on our page. We’ll make these posts public on a regular basis. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to ‘like’ us.

SEMJA Membership Renewals

Please note that on the address label of the SEMJA newsletter, most members have a “RENEW ON: date” as a reminder to renew the annual membership. Renewals can be done online or by mail, and by check or credit card. It would be helpful if members would renew before receiving a reminder letter, which go out every two or three months. Memberships which are not renewed will be dropped after a generous grace period. We don’t want to lose you!