Wendell Harrison Passes the Torch

Tenor saxophone giant Wendell Harrison passed the torch to one of his students, Trunino Lowe, in a wonderful concert at Kerrytown Concert House October 17. Trunino does not play the saxophone, but he is already a very prominent trumpeter and bandleader on the Detroit scene. His trumpet playing is technically brilliant and emotionally on the level. He manages to get a fat and round tone from his horn and he complemented Harrison beautifully. A highlight of the evening was a ballad composed by Lowe. He brought along several up-and-coming musicians for the band: bassist Jonathon Muir-Cotton and drummer Louis Jones III. The piano chair was occupied by 17-year-old Will Hill, who impressed with his very mature chords. A young man to watch for sure. Overall, a promising beginning to a new series!

The Passing the Torch series at KCH includes interviews with the participants. There was no problem to get Master Harrison to talk, and Lowe is also adept at explaining his artistic goals. Coming up next is bassist Marion Hayden, who passes the torch to saxophonist Kaleigh Wilder November 21.