October Calendar

The number of listings has increased only gradually since the summer. The major addition this month is Cliff Bells in Detroit. Outdoor performances are still a major part of club offerings, which does not bode well for the coming fall/winter season for clubs. Please check out the offerings at The 'Rec Bowl, Bert’s, and Toledo venues.

Live streaming continues from a number of venues: the Blue LLama Jazz Club, the Dirty Dog, the Kerrytown Concert House, and River Raisin Ragtime Revue. Streaming concerts usually have payment options from viewers to performers.

Musicians everywhere are suffering due to lost income. The New York Times had an interesting but downbeat article on how “Pandemic Hits Jazz Where It Lives” on September 9 about the troubled New York jazz club scene. Flagships like the Village Vanguard are barely surviving.

Musicians are suffering due to lost income, and relief is not in sight any time soon. If you want to help musicians, you can buy their music online. Some of the websites that might come in handy are: detroitmusicfactory.com (part of Mack Avenue Records), pkorecords.com, musicwikidetroit.com, cdbaby.com, bandcamp.com, and a number of websites or Facebook pages have been put up by individual musicians. Jennifer Pollard’s excellent Facebook page LiftingUpA2Jazz has a number of these sites. Any suggestions for other sites are welcome.