November Calendar

Our November calendar is similar to that of last month. With the raging Covid-19 pandemic and the downward trend in temperatures outdoor venues are closing up. The safety of indoor venues is a concern to many jazz enthusiasts, so please weigh your individual risk factors against the pleasures of hearing live music.

There is no doubt that live streaming of musical events is increasing. Several local venues have taken a lead in that regard: the Dirty Dog in Grosse Pointe, the Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor, the Steinway Jazz Café and River Raisin Ragtime Revue. Streaming concerts usually have payment options from viewers to performers.

Concert venues like the Detroit Symphony, the University Musical Society in Ann Arbor, have increasingly sophisticated websites over which you can enjoy world-class music.

These developments are putting increased strains on musicians everywhere. You can help out by buying music online. Some of the websites that might come in handy are: (part of Mack Avenue Records),,,,, and a number of websites or Facebook pages have been put up by individual musicians. Jennifer Pollard’s excellent Facebook page LiftingUpA2Jazz has a number of these sites. Any suggestions for other sites are welcome.