Glimpses From Edgefest 21

Scott RobinsonThis year’s Edgefest at Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor featured drummers as leaders, composers and players and is still going on as we go to press.

It started as usual at Encore Records which presented a free concert with a trio of Piotr Michalowski on reeds, Andrew Drury on drums, and Joe McPhee on cornet on Tuesday of October 17 (top).

Other highlights were Detroit native and drummer Pheeroan akLaff (below left) and his trio, trombonist Dick Griffin (below right) with the Trombone Insurgency, Scott Robinson mastering the theremin (right), and drummer Jonathan Taylor’s Quintet with pianist Mike Malis, saxophonist Molly Jones, bassist Jaribu Shahid, and tenorist Marcus Elliot (bottom).

Pheeroan akLaff

Dick Griffin

photographs by
Lars Bjorn