Estar Cohen Trio at Old Town

Vocalist Estar Cohen headed her trio at Ann Arbor’s Old Town on December 5 with keyboardist Galen Bundy and drummer Travis Aukerman.

Cohen’s program was made up of standards and some of her own more daring compositions, no matter which she showed a distinctive approach to her material. Cohen was most effective on slower tempos, like Strayhorn’s “Passion Flower” or Monk’s “Ruby My Dear” where her perfect intonation was noticeable. Her voice is not large but her expressiveness, sincerity, and musical imagination are. Cohen was ably accompanied by keyboardist Bundy and her childhood friend from Sylvania Travis Aukerman, who was a perfect drummer for the occasion providing forceful beats and accents as needed.

Looking forward to hearing more from Estar Cohen in the future!

TOP: Galen Bundy, Estar Cohen, Travis Aukerman