Linda Yohn Received SEMJA Award

There was a great turnout for SEMJA’s celebration of Linda Yohn on October 30 at the Zal Gaz Grotto Club, indicating what a force she has been in the local jazz community.

CakeLinda’s work at WEMU was praised by her former colleague Michael G. Nastos. Paul Keller took time from his Orchestra’s regular Monday performance to praise Linda for adding greatly to the quality of his life as a musician. SEMJA President Lars Bjorn presented Linda with the 2017 Ron Brooks Award, named after our founder, and cake was had by all.

The Keller Orchestra played with its usual abandon on big band standards like Gillespie’s “Things to Come” and Keller’s own tunes like “The Jazz Lady After Dark” dedicated to the memory of the recently passed Mary Anne Hayes.

(from left) Duncan McMillan, Sarah D’Angelo, Linda Yohn, Paul Keller (Pete Siers in background), James Hughes

photographs by Jeff Dunn