Note on April Calendar

Writing this month’s calendar presented us with many challenges.
Venues have temporarily halted live music due to Michigan Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order, which will last until April 14 at least.

Some venues have started streaming concerts online and are sometimes asking for contributions for musicians. Examples are the Blue LLama Jazz Club, the Dirty Dog, and Kerrytown Concert House. To support some venues and their workers you can order food for take-out.

Musicians are suffering due to lost income and relief is not in sight any time soon. If you want to help musicians you can purchase their music online. Some of the websites that might come in handy are: (part of mackavenuerecords),,,,, and a number of websites put up by individual musicians. Any suggestions for other sites are welcome.

The end results are: a more brief and tentative calendar in our newsletter; and a temporary suspension of our online calendar. We hope to be back with more complete offerings next month.