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SEMJA on the Internet

SEMJA on Facebook

FacebookIn addition to SEMJA's website, we have a Facebook page, which has recently been updated. Musicians, jazz lovers, concert house, clubs, etc., can post directly on the Facebook page which can be found by searching for SEMJA on Facebook. Due to increased membership in SEMJA we have a new formal listing: www.facebook.com/semja.org.

SEMJA particularly invites YouTube or other video sources, such as musician's or club's pages or websites. Immediately after the Ron Brooks Award to Louis Smith, photos were posted, along with useful titles. The website currently features long-term pages and the monthly calendar drawn from UPDATE.

The Facebook page offers very quick postings and, like other Facebook pages, the most recent posting is shown first with earlier postings being pushed downward on the page. There is also a Discussions page; we encourage submissions and they can be highlighted on the main page by a posting.



Detroit Jazz Photos

John Kellin PhotographySEMJA's website has added a new link to a unique gallery of photos taken by John Kelin. The photos are of members of the local jazz community, past and present.

Kelin, born in Rockford, Illinois, grew up and resided in Metro Detroit during the 1970s and 1980s. He developed a love of jazz while employed at WEMU-FM, and also worked for WXYZ-TV, frequenting the jazz clubs and concert halls in the 1980s before moving to San Francisco as an employee of Sun Microsystems.

An avid researcher on the life of President John F. Kennedy, Kelin co-founded Fair Play Magazine, continuing to study JFK, and contributed many acclaimed articles on the assassinated leader. He currently resides with his family in Colorado. Kelin took these black & white photos of Detroit jazz musicians and media figures, and has published them on the web. You'll find the link to his web site on SEMJA's home page.


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